Organic Teething Ring - Millers Wood & Fabric Crafts

  • $ 10.00

Handmade organic wooden teething ring

2 1/4" wooden ring coated with beeswax & olive oil, tied with absorbent flannel/terry cloth bunny ears.  Easy to remove and wash!

Welcome to Millers Wood and Fabric Crafts owned by Don & Ruby Miller of Somerset, PA. Don has enjoyed working with wood for over 40 years.  He purchases locally grown lumber to handcraft many of his items.  Ruby has loved sewing all her life.  Her most popular item is a crayon bag that she designed.  What started as making gifts for family and friends has become an enjoyable part-time business.

 Don particularly likes to make quality long-lasting wooden toys that children can play with.  All their items are carefully constructed and should last for years.
Millers Wood & Fabric Crafts