Beeswax 1 oz. made by Summer Smiles Honey Farms

Beeswax 1 oz. made by Summer Smiles Honey Farms

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Beeswax has many uses; quiet squeeky wooden drawers, polish granite counter tops, make Pysankya eggs, gun stock varnish.

A major by-product of extracting honey is beeswax. The "cappings" and comb wax from the frames are washed with water, carefully melted down (in a double boiler, as beeswax is highly flammable), and then strained through cheesecloth. It is then ready to use make candles and other products.

Darci Sanner and Amanda Welsh are the owners of Summer Smiles Honey Farm, a sustainable honey bee farm in southwestern Pennsylvania's Laurel Highlands.  Darci has been beekeeping since 2008. Her honeybees produce "Certified Naturally Grown," raw, local honey (grassroots to being certified organic).


The girls handcrafts artisan honey and beeswax products, performs apitherapy (bee venom therapy), offer educational group tours, workshops, seminars, kids mini-camps, various events and also non-certified organic free-range poultry and eggs, pastured pork of the heritage breed Large Black Hog, farm weddings, farmhouse vacation rentals.


Their passion is to educate you on sustaining the environment and the honey bees, while providing you the option to use 100% pure, sustainable products made with God given ingredients.